Not your everyday Ethernet Switch

StackNET® is more than a set of robust Ethernet switches. StackNET® is family of high-reliability Ethernet switches, routers, and compatible power supplies and computer modules able to be configured based on the needs of the user application. Final configurations can be upgraded with additional functionality as necessary. Below, learn more about the various elements that make up a StackNET® embedded IoT solution.

The Backbone of StackNET®

RTD's StackNET systems are made possible by an elegantly designed family of inter-compatible Ethernet switches in a PC/104 format.

RJ-45 Host: LAN35H08HR-rj

RJ-45 Host: LAN35H08HR-rj

RJ-45 Expansion: LAN35E08HR-RJ

RJ-45 Expansion: LAN35E08HR-RJ

10-Pin Header Host: LAN35H08HR-D

10-Pin Header Host: LAN35H08HR-D

10-Pin Header EXPANSION: LAN35E08HR-D

10-Pin Header EXPANSION: LAN35E08HR-D

View the technical datasheet on RTD's parent website.

StackNET® Scalable Systems

Gigatbit Ethernet Switches: RJ-45 an D-Sub
StackNET Ethernet switches are available with RJ-45 jacks, or with 32-pin D-sub connectors. Systems can be configured with any combination of the two unit varieties.

Host and Expansion Configurations
The Host unit is the primary building block of StackNET. The Host offers an Ethernet connection to an optional CPU through the PCIe/104 (PCI Express) bus. The switch system can be expanded multiple times by adding Expansion units. For example, a 32-port Ethernet switch can be configured with a power supply, an 8-port D-sub Host, and three 8-port D-Sub Expansion units.

Cisco 5915 Embedded Services Router
RTD StackNET pairs with Cisco's ruggedized embedded router. This router enables the deployment of Cisco Mobile Ready Net capabilities in mobile, air, ground and unmanned applications. A complete overview of the Cisco 5915 router can be found on the Cisco website.


StackNET® Enclosed Building Blocks

StackNET 4-port Ethernet switch with RJ-45 jacks. Each unit includes four Ethernet ports on the font side of the enclosure.

StackNET 8-port Ethernet switch with 32-pin D-sub receptacles. Two D-subs are mounted on each frame (one on the front, one on the back).


StackNET configuration for the Cisco 5915 Embedded Services Router. RJ-45 jack Ethernet connections and D-sub console port.


StackNET® Plays Well with Others

StackNET is compatible with RTD's wide selection of peripheral modules. In addition to single board computers (SBCs) and power supplies, users can add other special purpose modules to add WiFi, GPS, USB, FireWire, DSP, storage, mini PCIe, data acquisition, and more.

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